Aria Pro II CT series ST3
Blue Lightning Crackle Guitar (Body/Neck)

$50 Cash or Postal M/O only

This ad is really for just the body which is really nice.

The neck, electronics and everything visible is included as freebies. The neck is OK, straight with some fret wear, but I'd put a new, maybe Jackson pointy style, neck on it, new bridge, new electronics and then it'd be quite nice. The bridge is toast. The block is cheap pot metal that is fracturing so consider it unusable. I don't know what the electronics are. They are factory original and nothing exceptional. The pots are original as well, and may or may not work as is.

This guitar has been 'retired' hanging from my ceiling as art for years.
Now just want it to go to a good home and brought back to life if possible.
Made in Japan, late 80's I think. I bought it new from Sound World in Cary long enough ago I can't remember.
The body is meant for a 25.5" scale if you are swapping necks.

I dunno what else to say. Since I'm technically selling only the body, it's pretty straightforward.

I'm in Cary/Morrisville, near the intersection of Cary Parkway/Hwy 54

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