Welcome to a new home for me, Jason Cooper.
Just a brief hello as I move in.
Site under major development with no time available.

Have uploaded a few basic gallery pages to share from some photoshoots here
Hawk Stalkin'
Snow 'n' Birds
July 4th, 2010 Fireworks
Carolina Tiger Rescue

Currently working on site for Mom, as html/css refresher/practice
and to learn some php/mysql for major conversion

Final revision almost compete

Temporary Classifieds
Sold Jackson Archtop Soloist Pro
Sold Jackson Rhoads Pro
Sold Charvel So-Cal

New site being designed. A project 10 years in the making. The Jackson Archtop Archive/Gallery
Not sure the final address but for development it is residing at http://jaa.jscooper.com

Last update: 08/17/2011