Snow 'n' Birds

Jan 31 and Feb 1, 2010

When it snows, birds come in numbers. The traffic stands out and brings more traffic.

Attempted to 'take inventory' of all visiting species but fell short as several I missed, and others kept distance. Then hiked around the neighborhood and snapped a few others.

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Backyard Panorama

Six portrait images stitched together

Tufted Titmouse

Second most frequent feeder visitor. Fairly comfortable when you stand nearby. Bottom two images are favorites, a pose then distracted by something above.

Titmouse Titmouse
Titmouse Titmouse

Northern Cardinal

Third most frequent feeder visitor. Prefers raised platforms, as my feeder is a bit small for them. Third image is a favorite, the sharp contrast and focus pops, doesn't look real.

Cardinal Cardinal Cardinal
Cardinal Cardinal

Junco aka Snow Bird

Ground feeders, always in large numbers. Like the third image, refelection of the surrounding area in his eye and detail and texture of feathers.

Junco Junco Junco
Junco Junco

White-throated Sparrow (I think)

Hangs out with the Juncos

White-throated Sparrow I think White-throated Sparrow I think
White-throated Sparrow I think White-throated Sparrow I think

Carolina Chickadee

Most frequent feeder visitor and very comfortable if you stand right next to it. With some patience I'm sure I can hand feed. One day I'll do this.

Chickadee Chickadee Chickadee

Brown Thrasher

Unsocial but happy to chase thrown peanuts before disappearing into the creek brush.

Brown Thrasher Brown Thrasher

Eastern Towhee

Still not content with shots of them. Very black head makes eyes disappear. Seems to be only one in the area, and keeps distance unless you throw a peanut, which is snatched too quick. Can get him to "twee" if you repeatedly "twee" for him heh.

Towhee Towhee Towhee

American Goldfinch

Thinking its a male munching and a female mate standing watch above

Goldfinch filling up Goldfinch on watch above

House Finch

Poor guy had no females following him. Aside from winter, tends to have flock of 3 or 4 following.

House Finch House Finch

Canadian Geese

Hiked to the pond across the street from the Cary IHOP. Totally diggin the in-flight shot.

Geese Goose (Pond by Cary IHOP) Geese in flight

Red-shouldered Hawk

Didn't take long walking around to find this regular. Again diggin the action shots.

Red-shouldered hawk launching Red-shouldered hawk launched

Yellow-rumped Warbler (I think)

First pic is a favorite, simplicity in a bird isolated by featureless snow.

Juvenile Yellow-rumped Warbler I think Yellow-rumped Warbler I think Yellow-rumped Warbler I think

Carolina Wren and White-breasted Nuthatch

Still stuggling to get a pleasing shot of the wrens. Too skittish and mobile, never standing still. First shot might've been good if it wasn't shot thru a dirty window. Nuthatch is in the typical pose.

Wren Wren White-breasted Nuthatch

Turkey Vulture, Ring-billed Gull and Squirrel

OK, a turkey vulture? He was so far up, couldn't tell what it was until downloaded. Didn't put effort into getting him either since he was so far up, just a quick snap. Then what I believe is a ring-billed gull, flying alone near the IHOP, a long way from the beach. Then our favorite feeder fiend squirrel spoiling the bird traffic.

Turkey Vulture cruisin above Cary? Ring-billed Gull I believe (above pond by Cary IHOP) Squirrel

747, sometimes called a bird

Testing reach of longest zoom, focus, etc. Obviously the contrails suggest altitude and it was way up there. Also interesting to see no logo or color at all.

Different kind of Bird